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DynoCap™ technology acts as an oil filler cap and functions as a universal DynoValve® adaptor.

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DynoCap™- Gasoline/CNG/LNG/LPG

With the new DynoCap™ targeting all vehicles is now an option, whereas location of the standard PCV would limit installation of the DynoValve®. The DynoCap™ is essentially an oil filler cap and acts as a “universal DynoValve®” adaptor.  
The DynoCap is to be purchased separately as an adaptor for the DynoValve.
The DynoCap™ is the newest product from SaviCorp, makers of The DynoValve®. The DynoCap™ is designed for use in Automotive vehicles powered by gasoline, CNG, LNG, LPG, and Diesel. 

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