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SaviCorp® CEO Awarded Pollution Control Patents in Australia and Israel

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SaviCorp© CEO Awarded Pollution Control Patents in Australia and Israel

SANTA ANA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/30/13 – SaviCorp© (PINKSHEETS: SVMI), the innovative automotive technology company responsible for the DynoValve® blow-by gas and crankcase engine emission reduction technologies, is proud to announce that CEO Serge Monros has obtained patents in both Australia and Israel for his pollution control system, featured in the company’s flagship product, the DynoValve®.

Originally awarded through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, patent no. 8,360,038 B2 ("Pollution Control System"), has officially been granted to Mr. Monros by both Australia and Israel, solidifying SaviCorp®’s presence as a worldwide producer of emission reduction technologies. The patent is one of many issued to Mr. Monros and will open the doorway for worldwide production of the DynoValve® and forthcoming SaviCorp® products.

The DynoValve® is an automotive emissions system that replaces the manufacturers’ PCV valve with a more effective, active, digitally controlled crankcase ventilation system. It captures unburned fuel and oil vapor from the crankcase and recycles them back into the combustion chamber through the fuel injectors to be re-burned. Vehicles retrofitted with the DynoValve® system have been shown by independent testing laboratories to release fewer harmful emissions and provide increased gas mileage, among other benefits.

“As we seek to bring the DynoValve® and other upcoming SaviCorp® products to a worldwide marketplace, these new patent acquisitions are proving to be exceptional tools in solidifying our reputation as a leader for innovation,” said Monros. “We now have footholds in new markets that we’re seeking to capitalize on, without the repercussions of imitation products to hold us back. Now, the DynoValve® and other products utilizing my patent-certified pollution control system will be ready for market.”

To learn more about SaviCorp®, its products or to learn more about upcoming ventures, please visit the company website at To view the original patent filing for Mr. Monros’ pollution control system, please view the document here.

About SaviCorp®

SaviCorp® is an innovative automotive technology company that licenses, manufactures, distributes and services an array of patented technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The company, an evolution of more than twenty years of automotive engine emissions testing, materials research and development, was formed to create, support and license its patented supplementary vehicle Emissions Reduction Technologies (ERT). Using proprietary methods and processes, the company’s flagship DynoValve® system protects the environment, lessens an engine’s carbon offsets, increases gas mileage and improves engine performance, resulting in dramatic savings in both fuel and oil.


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