Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 1:37 PM Quote
SaviCorp forum allows users to add his/her own picture to show next to the name when users post comments to the forum, or blog.  To add picture to your profile follow these steps:

1/ Click Login link on the top SaviCorp site header
2/ Enter your username and password then click Login button
3/ Once login, you will see a new link call My Account on top SaviCorp Site header
4/ Click My Account link to access your account info.
5/ Once you're in Account Info, click the last tab (Avatar) to upload your picture or thumbnail
6/ Click Save once you done.

Now if you goes to the forum and reply or post any new topic, you should see your pictures right next to your name.

Notes: Since this only the avatar, so you can only upload picture with size less than or equal to 20KB

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