Dyno: An instrument designed to measure power, exhaust emissions, and fuel economy.
Valves: Devices that regulate the flow of gases through apertures by opening and closing.

DynoValvePro® Lite

  • Improves overall maintainability of diesel engines
  • Reduces NOx emissions by lowering combustion temperatures
  • Eliminates harmful crankcase emissions
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Available in 4", 6", 8", 10" Diameters

The DynoValvePro® is a closed crankcase emission control and oil recovery system designed for diesel engines. The DynoValvePro® filters particles and oil droplets from the blow-by gases. The filtered gas is then returned to the air intake system of the engine and the filtered oil is returned to the engine crankcase.

By recycling the crankcase emissions through the DynoValvePro® with high efficiency; filters the harmful gases and oil film that causes so many engine and environmental problems. Maintenance costs will be reduced, which means no more - oily residue that coats the engine and its components; or clogging radiators and air cleaners. The DynoValvePro® helps engines operate at full efficiency while improving performance and lowering the cost of operation.

DynoValvePro® Heavy

DynoValvePro® Maritime


The DynoValve Pro® that is used for diesel engines. The DynoValve Pro improves overall maintainability of diesel motors and reduces NOx emissions and particulates, eliminates harmful crankcase emissions, and improves fuel efficiency while sealing the engine. OEM diesel engines normally are open systems that spit out unburned oil and waste it, while harming the environment. The DynoValve Pro® is a closed crankcase ventilation pollution control and oil recovery system designed for the diesel engine.

The DynoValve Pro® filters particles and oil droplets from the blow by gases. The filtered gas is separated from the oil and then re-burned through the intake and fuel system of the engine. The filtered oil is cleaned and returned to the engine crankcase by recycling the crankcase emissions through the DynoValve Pro®. Mixing the blow by vapor with a cold diesel fuel ensures a more efficient mixture in the compression chamber, reducing unburned fuel at the tailpipe, thus lowering particulates and Nox.

Maintenance costs will be reduced by eliminating oily residue and carbon that could damage the engine and its components. The DynoValve Pro® increases engine performance and efficiency while lowering operation costs.


The DynoPlug™ combines 21st Century materials with nanosecond switching technologies to bring amplified plasma combustion to gasoline engines. The result of years of research and development, the DynoPlug™ improves gas mileage, increases horsepower, and reduces harmful emissions in all internal combustion engines.


DynoDash™ is a vehicle performance monitoring tool. DynoDash™ continually calculates real-time Miles Per Gallon as you drive. DynoDash™ displays real-time and average MPG to help adjust driving habits for maximum savings.

DynoDash™ measures horsepower and torque, as well as acceleration times and other performance aspects of the a car, allowing drivers to understand the full range of data associated with their car’s functionality and capacity.